140525-140531 Updates; (Part 2)

Part 1

29-31 Updatesss

Check it out:

140529 SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN – Tap Dancing Rehearsal

© SMTOWN @ Youtube

140529 SMTOWN NOW Update – Celebrities Support for EXO’s Concert

p18p3f1hr61qtdv4sfjbpn51e42e p18p3f1hr613b76gis371qgkp01f© SMTOWN NOW

140529 MnetKR Twitter Update

Bo2bxZjIcAE2G8a Bo4bKCSIgAAGxxc Bo4gAScIMAAoFdr Bo4QKDsIYAAcRoj

© MnetKR @ Twitter

140529 Jeon Hyun Moo Twitter Update

WApIm29 dTLS7f5 fJPI4

© larryjunlive @ Twitter

140530 Baekhyun Instagram Update



Translation :


© baekhyunee_exo @ Instagram

* Baekhyun-Yesung

140530 SMTOWN NOW Update – Baekhyun Photoshoot Set for SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN

p18p5sklj6h461eep1vgtfgn8526 p18p5sklj61btp18tp1rmb1sdv15704 p18p5sklj64dmv101l7h10t1gas1 p18p5sklj615vt1rcfs421fkk18fg5 p18p5sklj6113l1dcc15oh10rn1nss3 p18p5sklj6161rp3mo5infcl7i2


140530 Lotte World Cone CF New Ver. – EXO-K

© shineband exo @ Youtube

140530 Mnet ‘HOT MOMENT XOXO EXO’ Episode 4


Click here -> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1xpe0o_140530-x0x0-ep4-eng_creation

© baekhundred @ Dailymotion

140531 Baekhyun Instagram Update


😬으! 으리는 소그긔 #가자슬러워

Translation :

😬eu! Kami daging #palingmenggemaskan

© baekhyunee_exo @ Instagram

140531 Incheon Aiport

140531_%EC%9D%B8%EC%B2%9C%EA%B3%B5%ED%95%AD_%EC%B6%9C%EA%B5%AD01 140531_%EC%9D%B8%EC%B2%9C%EA%B3%B5%ED%95%AD_%EC%B6%9C%EA%B5%AD02 b6609e97gw1egxwt0oyntj20rs15o0y0 a93f9faegw1egyck97iknj20rs15o7ju

© LoveAppeal, WHITE2DO, Corona

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